We often only find out if our plans and training are effective when called upon for real. Our training focuses on incident reduction. We help you test understanding and teamwork through real-world scenarios and rehearsal. Training creates a safer environment for your service users, your staff and your organisation.

Our training is created on an individual basis and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Each programme is developed in partnership with you, using a consultation process to explore key criteria, such as the operating environment, current risks, psychological and physical behaviours and reactions, the specific roles of the staff, and the most appropriate delivery methods, which result in relevant and effective interventions. 

Our Courses – We provide consultation and training packages for all sectors.  Please see the examples below. Our training is designed specifically, please contact us to discuss your training needs in more detail.

Personal Safety

  • Guidance on employer and regulatory requirements
  • Support with aspects of policy, risk assessments and control measures
  • Help identifying training needs and workable solutions
  • Bespoke design options and integration with workplace learning and policy

Emotional Intelligence

  • Comprehensive survey and evaluation
  • Guaranteed training results, service and support levels
  • Training alone will not resolve conflict and violence, but designed and delivered well it is a vital ingredient in the solution


  • Each sector and organisation has unique features and needs that must be understood and respected
  • Our clients expect training to directly contribute to workplace outcomes and results
  • Budgets are tight and more than ever our clients need innovative, flexible, sustainable and cost effective training solutions